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Featured Artist: Barry Stone

Categories: Art + Graphics

Humans have been making and viewing artist renderings of landscapes for some time, but we fill pretty confident that history hasn’t really experienced landscapes until they’ve seen the landscape art of Barry Stone. His otherworldly renderings give us chills and send us packing into our own imaginations dreaming of the future or far off planets.

We spotted him first at the Champion gallery in Austin and this particular art project of his he calls “My Musent Touch It,” but we kind of wish we could do a million posts on his art because we like all the projects he does. Check out in particular “One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summer,” “Broken Gold” and “Fifth of July.”

4 Comments to "Featured Artist: Barry Stone"

  1. See? Anyone can be an “artist”. All you need is a black and white camera, and some pastels.

    • Aw TerriLane! We really like what Barry’s done and the concepts behind it but totally respect your opinion and appreciate your feedback. Is there an artist that you’ve been really enjoying lately that you’d like to see featured?

      • barry stone is a powerhouse. subtle art-making is of the highest order.
        terrilane would probably like us all to know how to render human anatomy or something to be a real “artist”. maybe he/she is getting really crazy and has a Klimt poster in his/her apartment. wake up to the 21st century already.

  2. It’s not the tools. It’s what you do with the tools. I like what you’re doing with these tools, Barry.

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