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Fashion/Interiors: What’s Black, White and Yellow All Over?

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Sweet modern rooms that have a dramatic and optimistic feel to them, that’s what. After spotting some pretty wild hairdos and makeup trends from London’s Fall 2011 Fashion Week, we can’t help but notice some similar color palettes popping up in interiors.

Black and white, when together and exclusive, create a very modern and stark feeling. They are often used in interiors when one doesn’t want the distraction of things like color, or when one is really seeking to add a lot of drama to a space. Add a little yellow into that, and you punch up the drama and excitement ten fold.

Yellow’s fun when you want to bring some sunshiny cheer into your space, but it’s also a favorite among modernists due to its ability to highlight crisp lines without being too harsh.

Images: London Fashion Week via Stylelist and Colorama and Cavern Home via Apartment Therapy

6 Comments to "Fashion/Interiors: What’s Black, White and Yellow All Over?"

  1. I love the retro-modern look of yellow with black. This is hot!

  2. Where to find that black/white tree wallpaper?

  3. right the color yellow black and white look good . If you have the white bed , black and yellow matress it looks awesome.

  4. This bedroom has got some style!!! The wallpaper is great but i’m particularly loving the yellow table a the end of the bed. If only Ikea would offer something like that.

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