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Emerging Designer: Eternal Furniture & Design

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Sweet. Simple. In the details. That’s what one gets from taking a peek at the designs of the company Eternal Furniture & Design. Wood tones are warm and lovely. Corners are softened. Surprises come in contrasting wood elements that don’t jar the senses but do delight the soul.

From the website: “Eternal Furniture & Design, a one man shop located just outside of Boston, MA, specializes in custom, one of a kind furniture with hand made craftsmanship. Furniture is designed with clean minimalist lines and quality materials. Each piece is made with traditional joinery and high attention to detail, building furniture that will stand the test of time.”

We like it a lot, and can’t wait to see what else this one man shop comes up with next. See more here.

One Comment to "Emerging Designer: Eternal Furniture & Design"

  1. Simplicity is beauty! I love it… Thanks a lot for sharing it in here.. It’s worth the read!

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