DIY: 5 Quick Steps to a Relaxing Bedroom

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No fooling around. No excuses. It’s time to get serious about that bedroom of yours. Why the bedroom? Why not the living room, bathroom or den? The bedroom is the place that you can unwind in after a long day at work and it’s the place you can get recharged before starting another long day. And if it’s not that place for you, these 5 quick, no-nonsense steps will help you get it there.

Clear the clutter Take out unnecessary furniture, hang the clothes back up everyday and finally get that closet cleaned. It’ll be easier to fall asleep without mess surrounding you and much more motivating and pleasant to wake up to everyday.

Take out technology Don’t have a television set in the bedroom at all, try not to work from your laptop in bed and for goodness sakes leave the smart phone in the other room. It’ll do wonders for incorporating a little relaxation in your sleep space, believe us.

Set the (lighting) mood Make sure you have curtains that block enough light out if you have a lot of lights outside your window at night, and turn those overhead lights off! Add a good lamp or two (like Alex Marshall Studios’s Sphere Lamp, Perch’s Frida Desk Lamp, FLOS’ Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp and FLOS’ Archimoon K Table Lamp, for example) for a good ambiance.

Tone down the hues If you’ve got a lot of warm tones in the bedroom, even if you love them, you might consider switching to some lighter tones or more cool tones. Studies show that reds, oranges and other warm hues can raise your heart beat, making relaxation a little tougher.

Bring in the comfort Make sure your bed is a beacon of comfort, with bedding you adore (like Wallter) and soft, plush rugs underfoot (2Modern has a lot to choose from, like Emma Gardner Design, Avalisa or IndiB, to name a few).

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