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This weeks “nose bleed” of amazement is brought to us by John Leung with the help of ClarkeHopkinsClarke. The have translated a 2D drawings of optically challenging form into 3D form that appears to be in isometric perspective. The result is a bookshelf entitles “bias of thought.”

“translated from 2D drawings of optically challenging forms, australian architects John Leung and ClarkeHopkinsClarke have created a 3D translation of a form appearing in isometric perspective entitled the ‘bias of thought’ bookshelf. Although lacking any horizontal surfaces, it can still be used for storing books and hanging magazines by placing the items in the
shelves which are lined with glass. The optical illusion serves as a reminder that whenever one picks up any sort of medium, ideas may be misinterpreted when passed from one person to another.”

If this doesn’t impress you… you might be a zombie.


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