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I’ve had a DSLR for over 6 years now and my collection of photos does not reflect that fact. I’m either too lazy to cary my big, hunky camera bag around or scared to put in my man purse (murse) unsheathed. But now, with the Any Bag Camera Bag Insert, I can take it with me in… any bag.

“The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert is a camera version of a laptop sleeve that turns every bag you own into a camera bag. It fits like a charm in backpacks, messenger bags, even totes! Just nestle your camera, lens, and a few accessories into this four-wall padded insert then drop it into your bag with the rest of your everyday thingies. It even has five exterior pockets for your cell phone, keys, wallet, anything! And, the outer shell is made out of durable waterproof waxed canvas. It’ll keep moisture out and camera-y goodness in. Try The Any Bag Camera Bag out with a tote for stealthy theft-proof camera-toting. Or, ditch the towels and wadded up t-shirts you use to protect the camera gear in your suitcase when you travel. Any way you use it, you’ll be getting a zillion camera bags for less than the price of one. Now that’s an efficient (and stylish) compromise.”

You guys can grab it here.


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  1. Betty

    Mar 24, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Very cool lookng camera bag, and as you say, very handy to have!

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