Trend: Plush Advice


With all the unsolicited advice aimed at you throughout the day, it can hardly seem like you’d want more advice coming from the direction of say, your furniture. You may remember that we’ve shown respect for advice in the form of prints and art for walls. Today’s post is all about the trend of incorporating advice into your home in the most plush of ways: throw pillows!

Need some ideas on what kind of advice your couch should be telling you? Try these:

Call Your Mother
Go to the Gym
Be Nice or Leave
Choose your own words (both a possibility and good advice in of itself)
Love (a statement or good advice)

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  1. GeT4 Druck

    Feb 20, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Nice, i think i need the “Go to the Gym” for the sofa.

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