Trend: Bold, Loud and In-Your-Face Florals

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We’re pretty glad for this latest trend: bold florals. We have a saying in this business: if you’re going to do something, do it BIG. Actually, that’s paraphrasing and probably they have a version of that saying in a lot of professions, but it still rings true! Who wants measly, wimpy, diminutive florals in their home? Nobody, that’s who.

Florals are meant to be screamed and shouted and splashed in large dimensions across walls and furniture pieces and window decoration. Like any graphic treatment you bring into your home, you’ve got to bring in bold florals sparingly so as not to overwhelm your senses, your other other furnishings or your entire home.

We recommend choosing accent walls, one dynamic piece of furniture or accessories in order to incorporate this sweet home trend. And may we suggest the fabulous patterns of Graham & Brown on 2Modern as a great place to start? The question is, will you heed our trend advice, or disregard it, flaunting bold florals wherever you dare?

Images: Graham & Brown and Anthropologie
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