Pattern: Karen Margolis’ Mind Meanings


Karen Margolis’ work, if we were trying to categorize it, should probably fall under the ‘featured artist’ category, considering she happens to be a darn fine one. But it’s the pattern that her art creates, and the conscious patterns that she is invoking through her concept, that has us pushing to have it placed under today’s blog post slot. See what we mean:

“I explore the mind’s architecture, mapping out my thoughts/feelings/memories into molecular patterns evocative of chemical interactions generated in the brain. Charting my interior monologues became a system of translating meaning into pattern. In this way I get beyond individual content and create a universality of the mechanics of the mind through a language of positive and negative forms.”

“I burn holes into material with a soldering iron, creating lattices of voids and shadows. Carved out areas, untouched by these deletions, reveal aggregated masses of discrete colored particles meticulously applied with a paintbrush, each one marking off minute time as well as cyclical patterns of my thinking. Exterior distractions appear in the form of dislocated map fragments entrapped within these webs.” More here.

Images: Taken from her website.
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