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We usually stay away from Etsy stores that only sell tchotchkes–just little items that are retro yes, but stylish no. Today’s Modern Etsy focus, Retroburgh, is a bit of an exception. Besides sounding like a really cool vintage-focused town in Ohio, they sell a lot of fun and kitschy tchotchkes that we’d actually like to buy.

A lot of these items in this Etsy store are definitely for the kitchen. We saw lots of cups, glasses and serving ware dishes. We also saw a fair number of kitschy salt and pepper shakers, if you’re into that sort of thing. There was a disportionately large amount of cigarette ash trays (I’m not sure who even uses those anymore) and a fair number of other kitchen-related items.

So what has us feeling why we love this shop, when other shops like it have failed our tests? Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s that spring is coming. Or maybe it’s just that the online proprietor knows how to pick ’em. We think probably that last one. See all their wares here.

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