Modern Etsy: Hindsvik


We’re not sure how to pronounce today’s Modern Etsy store focus, but luckily Hinkdvik also speaks the language of awesome home decor accessories, which we are quite fluent in. We hope to have many, many more conversations with this Etsy store.

There’s just something so soft, lovely and caring about all the items in Hindsvik’s store. Everything has a pretty neutral color palette, and if there is color, it’s kind of subdued and with gray tones. In fact, all these items have a gray kind of feel to them, but not in a depressed sort of way. More like a it’s-gray-outside-let’s-curl-up-with-a-book-and-get-cozy way.

You’ll find a wide variety of items in Hindsvik’s shop, from tabletop items like colored glass vessels, little glass birds to small furniture items like chairs, to art for the walls to even office organizational containers. All with that unique, fresh, modern-yet-vintage aesthetic. Grab something from there today (and tell us what it is if you do).

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