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Surfing onto the Etsy shop page of Atomic Attic is like walking into your favorite grandmother’s house, where it’s all warm and cozy and it smells like chocolate chip cookies that she’ll soon be putting in front of you saying things like “Eat! Eat! You’re too skinny for goodness sakes!” even though you really haven’t been too skinny for years. It’s the kind of home where you can tell everything is from decades ago but it all still looks good, stylish and taken care of. Atomic Attic is your place for those warm, Mid-Century Modern wonderful goodies.

There’s definitely an element of quirkiness to all the pieces we see in the Atomic Attic, and that makes this place very accessible, friendly and not the least bit pretentious. You can sort of tell there’s a story attached to every item you would purchase here; almost like each one of these items has a memory and a story that you can then tell when guests ask about it.

Though they have a variety of items for sale, we saw a lot of lamps we liked and some old-timey technology like radios and typewriters that hipsters love to fill their shelves with (us included). Check them out here.

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