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Modern Design Trendsetters

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Modern Design Trendsetters
come from all walks of life, though they tend to share one very important characteristic: their keen eyes are always on the hunt for the next greatest idea in the design world to emerge, and once it does, they interpret it and help the rest of us find ways in which we can incorporate it into our homes. 2Modern’s Trendsetters are no different. We’ve asked some of the smartest, brightest and keenest design minds today to explore 2Modern offerings and share what they think the next trends on the horizon are—so that you can create a modern home that blends today’s trends with your own exquisite tastes.

Jaime Derringer
Expert on Design Trends

Holly Becker
Journalist & Design Consultant

Danielle Hirsch
Paint & Color Expert

Katie Hagar
Product & Textile Designer

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