Modern Book Corner: Design Annual 2011

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We love books that round-up the best of some sort of category—it’s hard to keep track of everything during the course of one year and it’s nice when someone does all the hard work for you. When that company doing the hard work of rounding up is the best of the best themselves, well you know you’re in for a good read.

Graphis publishing house’s “Design Annual 2011” features “the best international Design work of the year. Winning pieces were chosen from categories that range from Branding, Editorial, Environmental, Illustration, Stamps and Posters…All winning entries are awarded a Gold Award, and an exceptional few the Platinum. Credits and details of the assignments and solutions, as well as a winners’ directory, make this a valuable resource for Designers, Art Directors, Photographers and potential clients.”

We’re sold. Buy it here.

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