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Technology has brought the rest of the world closer to us in ways we could have never imagined. Our homes have been transformed into blank canvases with which we paint using home décor companies that stretch to the far-reaches of the globe. And while it’s true, we are all one world, there’s something to be said for sticking to this one sweet country when it comes to buying home goods.

But how can you know if you’re buying US made products when there are so many gosh-darn gorgeous products out there? Apartment Therapy has compiled a pretty sweet list they’ve titled: Source List: Home Goods Made in the USA. You can find great resources for furniture, appliances and home décor—all made in the U.S.

We’re so happy and proud to sell every one of our awesome items from all over the world on 2Modern, but if buying USA-made is important to you, we’d thought we point you to some 2Modern vendors who happily manufacturer in the U.S, like these examples:

Did you know you can actually search the 2Modern website for our products that were made in the US, and even filter our products for those that are eco-friendly? We really want you to find the products that are important to you, so visit our Made in the USA designer furniture collections!

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  1. nicole

    Feb 14, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Speaking of made in america…i love bassett furniture ( http://www.bassettfurniture.com ) but it is so expensive for a single mom like me. Where can I get the rich look without breaking my bank (and please don’t say ikea because that is too modern for the look i want to go for). Thanks in advance for the advice…I love your blog! Anyone can answer, so please do!

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