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Confession: working in the interior design industry doesn’t automatically mean you are in tune with your own tastes when it comes to interiors. If you ever struggle with figuring out what it is that you even like or ever find yourself purchasing items and then getting home and wondering “why did I buy this?!” this post is for you.

Look around you First take a visual inventory of what’s already around you. Which furniture pieces do you love the most? Why? Figure out the specific elements to the pieces you see in your home that you love and make an actual list to take with you when shopping.

The magazine game Find as many shelter mags as possible and start looking and pulling: as you flip through the pages just tear out images as they immediately grab you. After you’ve gathered a good pile analyze the images to see what they have in common. You’ll likely discover a style they all have in common.

Envy a friend Do you have a friend’s home that you love the style of? There’s a good chance they have a similar style…you two have a lot in common already, after all. Consider grilling them about their tastes to see if you discover anything about your own.

Let it grow Trust your gut. Don’t try to furnish your entire home at once. Let your style evolve into itself by just letting it happen. Read lots of blogs. Oh, and you can probably never go wrong by buying something from 2Modern.

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  1. Dan

    Feb 28, 2011 at 10:32 am

    These are great suggestions. We often find people who love different styles of furniture and buy them, but we they get home they don’t really work in the same space. It’s a great idea to play “the magazine game” upfront before buying anything. Thanks for the tips, we will definitely pass them on to our customers.

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