Happy Valentine’s Day: MGdM


We thought long and hard on what sort of Valentine’s Day-themed post we’d cap the day off with here at 2Modern. We’ve brought you plenty of posts helping you get prepared for the day, like how to make a DIY Valentine’s Day Fort, Modern Valentine :: Make Your Own Fingerprint Art, how to make a ruffled felt heart, beautiful Valentine’s Day cards and more. But these are all posts on how to make your Valentine’s Day something else…they aren’t really indicative of what we really, super love in life: awesomely designed, collaborative projects.

We love when one talented person makes something, no doubt. But when two or more brilliants brains (and the bodies attached) conspire to create a fantastic piece of art…we melt. So is the case of the amazing cinematographer Marc Gomez del Moral. Together with equally amazing directors (like Nicolás Méndez) and other vital folks, MGdM’s been making waves in our heart with his super hipster/post-modern/artsy/catchy/terrifying/disturbing/awesome music videos, specifically our two favorites so far, videos for El Guicho’s “Bombay” and Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light.”

Warning, his site and his music videos are NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and probably not safe for vegans or other people disturbed by images of meat. BUT these videos are totally safe for folks who love music videos so full of symbolism, imagery and catchy beats you have to watch them over and over again. Check out all of MGdM’s work here (seriously, don’t yell at us if you get in trouble; these videos are NSFW!). Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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