Good coloring=Good cooking

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“good painting, good coloring, is comparible to good cooking. Even a good cooking recipe demands tasting and repeated tasting while it is being followed. And the best tasting still depends on a cook with a taste.” said Josef Albers, an influential teacher, writer, painter and color theorist. Oli Sihvonen, a Taos Modernist drawing on Albers’ teachings, immersed himself into the abstraction. He used color and form in a refined way while he let himself to discover the essence of color at its simplest interpretation.

His work of flat colors are characterized in clean, pure and straighforward manner. Color, a perceptual phenomenon appears as a surface color but transforms into film color when some effects are used. Albers himself explored these effects in his own series “Homage to the Square.”

Homage to the Square : With Rays by J. Albers : dull gray, surrounded by vibrant and variant tones of yellow, seems to be floating in the middle while the eye moves outward in an optical progression.

Blue Leaf#2 by Oli Sihvonen

To identify colors of a painting, one has to see the colors in action. Juxtaposed colors influencing each other shows the relativity is the only constant in color relations. ( source: Josef Albers: To Open eyes )

Oli Sihvonen is part of an upcoming exhibition at the Hardwood Museum of Art

Food photo credit : eating is art.

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