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We’re coming to a close the covering of the interiors of restaurants that were recently named among the best of 2010 in GQ Magazine. We’ve covered a lot of great restaurants, like Grüner, Flour + Water, Avec and others. We learned a lot of things in this little experiment, like how some of the best restaurants have amazing interiors and how some have pretty plain interiors but undoubtably good food. Today’s is the former plus the addition of being tasty.

Longman & Eagle is actually pretty cool because it looks to be a restaurant, bar and even a mini boutique hotel. Style is not lacking in this place. A gorgeously masculine interior with lots of natural elements and thick, meaty furnishings, it also has a lot of modern and clever touches.

We didn’t really intend or plan it out this way, but our last restaurant that we’ve chosen from that GQ article has definitely been our favorite. We suggest checking out their website for all the services they provide and for lots of inspiration.

Images: Chicago Grubstreet, Peppermint Bliss and Imaginary Friend
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