Food/Design: Grüner


Our soft spot for walls, floors and ceilings clad in soft, light-toned wood planks is eternal, loyal and getting worse by the minute. Portland restaurant Grüner, you are NOT making things better. And your food looks darn good, too.

So remember how we’ve been showcasing all the sweet interiors of restaurants mentioned in a recent GQ article showcasing all the hottest new restaurants in America? Well, Grüner is indeed on that list. And looking at the food photos and reading the words of people who have eaten there, we kind of wish we were in there, chomping down on all sorts of dishes.

But we also wish we were in there because the interior looks very modern, fresh, clean and lovely. It’s a good mix between sophisticated and grown-up, but also young and playful. We like how the interiors are simple so that food and people stand out, but not so simple that it’s boring. And it looks to have some pretty gorgeous views of the city from ample modern windows.

Images: Grüner website
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