Featured Design Element: Clawfoot Tubs

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Imagine you’re in a gorgeous, sleek, modern bathroom that takes your breath away, situated in your lovely, modern home, that is the center of your modern life. Look at that bathtub. Is it seamless, amorphous and totally contemporary? Or is it a surprising specimen of vintage claw foot loveliness?

We wonder if we’ve got some sort of sickness, what with our urge to infuse ultra modern spaces with vintage details. As much as we love the sleekness of contemporary spaces, we really fall hard for the charm of sweet, older homes and their elements. We’ve pointed out before how much we love the look of black and white checkered floors in modern spaces–surprising, endearing and wonderful. We feel the same about claw foot tubs. Do you?

Quick comment survey: should claw foot tubs only be in homes of matching vintage style, or should they be placed anywhere someone wants one? Not really in the place to be trading out tubs but still want some ideas for your bathroom? You better believe 2Modern has bathroom products! Check out in particular this Skram Lineground Mirror and this Pablo Medina Paper Bin. Want a clawfoot tub and need a good resource? Try vintagetub.com!

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