Featured Craftsperson: Paige Russell


We love showcasing craftspeople who work out of tough, natural materials like wood and industrial materials like metal on a large scale like chairs, tables and more. What can we say? That sort of rugged creation with one’s hands really impresses us. But impressive craftsmanship happens on a smaller scale, and with far more delicate and lovely materials. Ceramist Paige Russell knows what we’re talking about.

Paige Russell creates modern, lovely, clever vessels and home accessories. If you’re thinking you’ve seen her work before, it’s because you no doubt have. Her North American Wildlife Series comprising of  Monster truck, Camper and RV tabletop pencil holders/vases went viral when they debuted, and her work shows up in countless online and print shelter publications for one important reason: all her work is so gorgeous.

Whether you dig her Wildlife Series, prefer her Spout line (that’s an adorable family of objects with which you can pour out various liquids) or her cute and clever Bad Beaver vase, chances are there’s a spot for Paige Russell’s whimsical stoneware in your home. See her work here.

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