Featured Craftsperson: Nightwood

Modern Decor

Anyone who describes their style as “modern rusticity” is more than just alright in our book; they are downright awesome. That’s why we’re really digging the work of Nightwood, a Brooklyn based home décor business. They are proving that original, from-scratch furniture isn’t always the coolest.

Nightwood is Myriah and Nadia, and it’s clear this is a match made in heaven as each creative soul brings their own expertise to the table. Myriah “is the gatherer of all lost but found wood and furniture. With this salvaged material she makes an original “reincarnation” of its former self by deconstructing and reconstructing. The signature look of Nightwood furniture is captured through the artful arrangement of varied finishes and colors. Her scope of work ranges from cabinets and coffee tables to built-ins and wall paneling.”

Not to be left out, Nadia “rescues old and abandoned chairs and recovers their bones in a minimal, raw and rustic approach. She uses vintage or organic and sustainable fabrics including hemp, linen, muslin and burlap. Her specialized, signature items also include hand-stitched, printed pillows and bed linens made from organic or recycled fabric, hand-hooked and braided rugs, as well as geometric, color centric paintings on wood.”

Working together to create fabulously new-to-you creations since 2003, we love their work for the modern and  rustic look it has, but also for the fabulous repeating patterns (like the chevron), the soft and earthy color palettes, and the gorgeous shapes and lines they are creating.

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