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We see, appreciate and share a lot of art each week on the 2Modern blog. And likely we should—without art our interiors we’re so keen on designing and caring about would be lifeless and dare we say, boring. And while we have an admiration for many, many styles and different types of art, there’s one in particular that really impresses our pants off: photorealism.

Steve Mills makes oil paintings, but we dare you to not question whether or not you’re looking at a photo. Obsessed with detail and darn good at perfecting it, these paintings of every day life Americana—board games, newspapers, bulletin boards—are made extraordinarily exciting by your brain knowing that it’s a painting, but your eyes just not able to believe it.

Though the subject matter of his work might make you feel like this is not the artwork to go in a modern home, but rather a more traditional home, we implore you to reconsider. We absolutely could see some of these pieces in an ultra modern dining room with futuristic furniture, or a living room with a stark and minimal interior. Which one is your favorite painting of his?! See them all here.

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  1. Kees

    Feb 14, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Looks very impressive. Thanks for posting.

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