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We had the great pleasure of attending the most amazing event this weekend in Austin called Art Night Austin. Thrown by the Austin Art Alliance, these sassy art lovers know how to throw a good party, but more importantly, they know good art. Featuring several galleries around town, we pretty much had the best time ever, and discovered some amazing new artists who deserve some attention and recognition.

The first we’d like to highlight is the work of Erin Curtis. This work is so architectural and geometric (and maybe a little Tron-ish). We love how three dimensional it all feels–there’s a lot of depth to these pieces, as if by looking at them you are actually travelling through them. The colors are of course bright, young, fresh, bold and arresting. These pieces are definitely busy and don’t really give off a relaxing vibe, but we enjoy how vibrant, energetic and frenetic they are.

You can learn about more of the upcoming events of the Austin Art Alliance (don’t try to pretend like you don’t want to come to Austin) here. And you can learn more about Erin here.

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