Fashion/Interiors: Animals Are Back?


If you caught that clip from “Portlandia” about putting birds on things, you know that animals featured in interiors is an old and pretty tired subject. In fact, we’ve noticed how animals have phased out of interiors the past few years. But, some new looks we’ve seen from a fashion designer are making us wonder if animals are back on the rise in the design world again…

Designer Jill Stuart’s Fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection has a lot of feminine silhouettes, silky, slinky fabrics and bright colors with bold patterns. They are soft, flowy and look perfect for a night out on the town…wait a second is that an owl? A coyote? Another owl! Yes to all of it and more! We kind of adore the look of these dresses and shirts that feature pretty cool animal portraits in a modern and abstracted way.

A lot of the animal-themed home decor current available is a few years ago…will the design world soon be dipping back into natural animal inspiration for ideas on subject matter? You tell us! Some animals to add to your home now:

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