Emerging Designer: Data


This young new company doesn’t just share the name of a main character from our favorite show of all time, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” they are a legitimately sassy furniture design company with some pretty sleek designs we’re loving (and not just because of the incredibly vague “Star Trek” reference).

We think we maybe spotted these folks on Design Milk or something like that, and we instantly wanted to know more. Their designs are so simple, yet they are fresh; we’ve never seen exactly these ideas before. There’s a very ethereal, almost unfinished quality to their work; many of their pieces just don’t seem to take up a lot of visual space. They’re like that trusty friend you have who is really shy in public but whom with you could not live without.

They don’t have a lot of pieces yet because they are so new, but we like what we’ve seen so far. We hope they keep designing and building! More here.

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