DIY: Pinprick Art

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We are always on the hunt for cool modern art ideas that can be executed easily and in an affordable way. Why? Because modern art can be expensive, most people have a bare wall or two desperately in need of spicing up and who has the time to devote lots of energy on art projects? That’s why we’re doubly excited about today’s DIY idea.

Okay, so you’ll notice these are notecards in this project. You’ve proven astute and observant. But follow along with us: imagine an art idea that anyone could do, that could be completely customized, and can be done on the cheap? Ta-dah! Just like these gorgeous little notecards, imagine taking colored cardstock and applying these same pinprick methods to create a whole host of fun pieces of art!

Framed and matted, these would make a really fun and cool idea for a modern wall collage. And don’t just think it has to be words you pinprick; any abstracted and simplified graphic could probably be used. Subtle, interesting and probably a lot of fun to do, we dare you to see how big of a piece you can make! See how to do it on Shelterpop.

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