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DIY: Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Fort

Categories: DIY + How To

Spotted on Design Sponge last week, we are in love with this cool “fort” and think it is the perfect thing to surprise your partner with on the big day. The designer, Justina Blakeney (with styling help by Caitlin Levin, and with a fabulous blog of themselves called Compai Blog) do a smashing job creating a really romantic and whimsical home décor idea that just about anyone could do.

But more than just being a cute thing to do for a holiday, we can’t help but notice how cool this would be any day of the year—heck, even year round. If you’ve been looking for a neat way to add a little global, ethnic style into your home in a way that is unique and full of personality, this project offers plenty of opportunities for customization. See the very detailed instructions and original post here.

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