A Collection of the Most Odd Furniture

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I saw so many different types of furniture, classic, modern, eclectic and so on and on and on. And I thought that will be great to create a collection of most odd and unusual pieces of furniture. So, here is what I have for you.

odd chair

Designed by Simon Racheli, Meat Chair.

meat chair, odd furniture

I don’t know what was in the head of the designer that created this chair! It is the type of things you would have to pay me to even think about putting in my house.

odd armchair, sheep

This armchair looks more nice then previous, but anyway it’s also odd :)
Pac-Man Inspired Furniture

pac man furniture

These set of poufs was created by Italian company QAYOT. The designers was inspired by retro video game Pac man. Anyway they could combine comfort and style in one thing!

Love of colour!

An Awesome combination of multi-coloured parts and white colour.


This furniture was created by dutch designer Anna ter Haar which has a love of colour!

And the last but not least, Alien table!

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