Blue Monday: Don’t be a Square

Modern Decor

Square. Dweeb. Total downer. Why would you want to be called any of these things? We all want to be cool, hip and the life of the party. To be told “don’t be a square” is basically implying you just aren’t with it. But, the term square also means someone who respects traditions, is honest and loyal. That doesn’t sound too bad, at all. We can’t personally vouch for the loyalty of any of these very blue and very square items today, but we can attest to their coolness. Get these items and incorporate them into you home; be there or be a square, you know?

1940’s Vintage Enamel Ware Refrigerator Covered Dishes
Iacoli & McAllister Small Frame Light
Collect 2011/Cabinet
Cronin Blue Tulip Skillets
Bright Blue Wood Frame

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