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For those who don’t live in the most awesomest of cities (Austin) this post might seemingly have nothing to do with you; we will be focusing on a event coming up this weekend, and if you don’t live here, why would you need to know about it? BUT, this is a very important post, because not only is SXSW coming up soon, but chances are you’ll probably be coming to Austin in the next year (everyone seems to be making the mandatory trek). So check out this post because you’ll want to know where to go when you get to Austin to see some of the banging-est, kickin’ art galleries we’ve got.

And if you are in Austin this week, lucky for you.

This Saturday February 26th from 6:30-10pm is art night austin: “Culture enthusiasts venture through Austin’s premier galleries, museums and temporary art spaces in Austin’s urban core for a preview of the artists and partners collaborating in spring 2011. Enjoy a sampling of the most interesting work being created, exhibited and performed in Austin on a vibrant chauffeured tour featuring Austin’s finest chef-prepared bites, select beverages and music to complete this unique cultural trek.”

You can check out Austin art spaces like: Arthouse at the Jones CenterAustin Museum of Art | Champion, Pop Up featuring grayDUCK galleryVisual Arts Center at the University of Texas at Austin and Women & Their Work. Tickets are: $75 (add $25 for afterparty ticket). More info here. And if you won’t be here for this event, take comfort: there are a TON of events lined up this year.

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