Trend: Zebra Print Rugs

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Confession: we (as in I, this blog writer) have a pretty strong negative reaction to any and all animal prints. We’ve just always found them…not to be the classiest design elements. They are bold, for sure, and make quite the statement.

There’s just something about an animal print that makes us think of  terrible outfits (apologies to anyone who may have just looked down and felt bad because they were wearing any form of animal prints; I’m sure you’re wearing it very tastefully). That’s why we were a bit surprised to find ourselves not just tolerating the new reemergence of zebra print rugs popping back into interiors, but kind of liking it.

While we doubt we’ll be making any life changes that involve sporting leopard print leotards, we just might be considering incorporating a zebra-print rug somewhere in our house. The ways we’ve spotted it lately have all been very tastefully done…could a reemergence of this trend be on the way for 2011?

Images: Desire to Inspire and Decorpad
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