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Trend: YOUR 2011 Thoughts

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Before we launch into a series of posts this year exploring the latest and greatest in interior design and architecture trends, we thought we’d take this opportunity to ask you what you think this year’s biggest trends will be.

What do you think the hottest colors in interiors will be? The coolest patterns? What materials do you think architects and homeowners will be using in their modern home building? Have you already spotted what you think is the next biggest trend?

If you have, be sure to submit them to us as guest blogger—if we think you’re on to something, we’ll post it. Who knows—you could be the first person to spot a trend!

Image: Apartment Therapy

2 Comments to "Trend: YOUR 2011 Thoughts"

  1. Trend Prediction: Eclectic mixes… mixing of textures, patterns & styles in a balanced way.

  2. The pink above is a very bold color. Current trends are for warm but neutral colors. For contemporary or modern kitchen, textures are a big trend. Mixing both neutral colors such a white or cream tones with bolder textures will give a contemporary feel but with a warm and inviting twist.

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