The Evolution of the Dorm Room

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Dorm rooms are rarely the best examples of modern design, or even good design. Really the word “design” shouldn’t be anywhere near the words “dorm room” when constructing a logical sentence. But, if this post we saw on an Austin architect’s blog is any indication, dorm rooms have had quite the positive evolution in recent years.

My dorm room memories are full of peeling beige paint, old scratched floors and way too many 6- and 8 legged roommates. Imagine our surprise and sort of disappointment (that they didn’t have these when we were in school) in finding the photos on the Sixth River Architects’ blog. I would live in some of those modern dorms now…even though I’ve long since been out of school. Be sure to click over to see what dorm rooms look like today!

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  1. Callie Driskill

    Jan 25, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you for your continued support, we also wish that the spaces that we are designing today, would have existed back in the day!!!!

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