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Modern Etsy: Rhan Vintage

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Oh Rhan Vintage, you sure know how to curate an Etsy store that makes this modern design blogger want to post about you. There’s something a little disorganized about this collection of Mid-Century Modern and vintage pieces, like that artsy girl who was in your intro to drawing class in college whose desk was always a little messy but who managed to always find her assignments in time.

Wait that makes it sound like this Etsy store is messy. We just mean to say there’s a large variety of different items available, and we like that. There are Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces like upholstered chairs and sofas, as well as pieces made out of wood like a sweet coffee table. We are really digging their eye when it comes to simple metal furniture pieces like side tables and the like. They just have a nice shape and are fun to add into a space.

Rhan Vintage’s accessories collection is also fun, ranging from tableware you can eat from to tableware you use to decorate your tables and shelves. We like both instances we spot here. See more fun vintage and Mid-Century options at Rhan Vintage’s Etsy store.

2 Comments to "Modern Etsy: Rhan Vintage"

  1. I love these pieces!

  2. Wow, I just happened across this post about my shop! Thank you so much!


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