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It’s true: we try to stick to books in our modern book corner that usually revolve around subject matter like architecture and interior design, since we figure if we love it, you’ll probably love it. But every now and then we’ll come across a book that, while not directly related to modern design, sure comes close. Annie Leibovitz’s book At Home, comes real close.

We came across this book while perusing the stack of modern books placed atop a fancy coffee table in our friend’s modern apartment in London. We had been looking at the cover for days, but it’s kind of plain and unassuming so we just didn’t delve into it. Well when we finally opened it, we were surprised that we couldn’t put it down.

Written by Annie and in her own words, this book covers one of the world’s most prolific photographers from the beginnings to today, going in depth with some of her most famous shots. It was fascinating hearing her describe what she was thinking, details of the shoot and more in her own words, and thought it was a lot more interesting than many photographer biopic-like books (no offense, all other photographers).

We of course loved the imagery as well, always having been familiar with her work but never really realizing just how many of the most important shots of the the last few decades she’s been responsible for. And, just so we feel better about including this book, we feel we must fit in a line about how gorgeous the person and the interiors are in the shots that Annie did of the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace a few years ago.

Recently re-released, we highly recommend this book for your reading (or coffee-table-stacking) pleasure.

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