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LOCK Coat Rack :: Sylvain Willenz

Categories: Fashion + Trends, Modern Decor + Objects

It’s wintertime, which means there’s a whole lot of coat wearing going on.  And coats need racks, am I right?  If I had my way, I’d get this coat rack from Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz.  LOCK was designed for Bakelite fiends Tamawa as part of their well known collection of Bakelite jewelry and accessories.

The genius behind it all is the absolute simplicity of the design.  LOCK uses only three wooden sticks and a single ball, which has been machined just-so to allow the rack to take shape.  Brilliant, I say!

LINK: www.sylvainwillenz.com

LOCK Coat Rack available from Tamawa: €298

One Comment to "LOCK Coat Rack :: Sylvain Willenz"

  1. Just noticed this post and remembered a design by charlesfurniture back from 2005-6 of the same design in walnut and stainless steel

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