How-to: Giant Spin Art

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One of the biggest problems facing modern home lovers and home owners is where to get suitable abstract art big enough to make an impact in a minimal interior, and cool enough to not offend any of the sensibilities of the surrounding hip, modern furniture (like Blu Dot, for instance). While large pieces of art can be a bit pricey (and are impossible to emulate ourselves unless we’re talented artists), we think we may have stumbled on a totally doable DIY solution.

Spin Art. No–giant spin art. Okay, check it out. We found this project on the Make: website, where you can build your own structure to create giant, over-sized spin art. That’s just totally cool. You’d be in control of the color palette, and then gravity would get a say in the design and pattern. A modern home basically needs its own spin art, hands down.

So the downside to this project? On top of looking TOTALLY fun, it looks like it could be potentially complicated to assemble, costly to built, space-consuming, messy and there are even warnings on the website that might make you think twice before attempting this on just a whim. So you know, if the best thing you’ve ever built is a really balanced sandwich, you might want to either enlist help for the project or buy spin art. BUT, if you are handy, have time and space and are totally cool, you could be hanging your very own spin art in your modern home!

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