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Of all the advantages that exist for modern design lovers (knowing you have awesome tastes, getting to live with the design classics, etc.), one of the biggest has got to be the pleasure of living in a uncluttered, calming environment.

It’s no secret that folks today have a lot of stuff. And while those who live in modern homes aren’t somehow above all the consumerism that seems to take hold us all from time to time (this blogger included), they do somehow seem to give the appearance that stuff doesn’t control them, at the very least in their living rooms.

So what if you are someone who has a distinct modern look, but also a penchant for holding onto items of the past, creating this weird amalgamation of a modern and eclectic style? All you have to do is use clearing out the clutter tips to clear up any confusion on what kind of style you adore:

Start with operation clear-off-surfaces That collection of vintage Russian babushka dolls on your sofa table is pretty and impressive, but doesn’t exactly add to your minimalist aesthetic. Take a good, hard look at your public and private spaces and start clearing off table tops of unnecessary accessories, couches of too many throw pillows and any other horizontal surfaces offending your uncluttered eye. If you simply have to display your collection, think of placing it in a more privately enjoyed room, like the bedroom, or in an unusual spot, like the bathroom, where it would serve more of a quirky purpose.

Don’t let your shelves off the hook Here are a list of things that should never be displayed publicly on shelves in rooms like the living room: DVD’s, CD cases from your high school years, wedding photos in adorable wedding-themed picture frames and stacks of magazines. Here’s what could be on your shelves: a clean, clearly organized display of books (that may or may not make you look cooler/smarter) or artwork. Keep those shelves clean and it’ll go a long way to making you look and feel uncluttered.

Don’t hang onto old or unnecessary furniture Are you still hanging on to a pieces of furniture that you love or have a memories for you but don’t any longer fit in with your aesthetic or don’t actually fit in the space any more? I get attached to furniture something awful myself, but it will be cathartic to only keep the furniture that is working for you now, and allow those favorite pieces to go to making someone else’s home perfect.

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