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The last thing anyone wants is a home that looks like a soulless magazine shoot—full of style and furnishings but not personality. So how do you decorate your home and make sure it ends up unique and full of personality? You don’t have to comb the earth for one-of-a-kind items or give up some of your favorite affordable brands just because others are buying from them. You just have to follow a few rules.

Local art There are tons of great places to get art for your walls (in fact, 2Modern offers you a dizzying array ourselves like Parvez Taj, Jefdesigns or Campbell Laird). But consider exploring your city’s offerings before buying somewhere else. There might be galleries who specialize in finding new artists, or there might be festivals or artwalks where art is sold affordably. Choose what speaks to your heart—not what fits in your color palette.

Use art in a new way If you do decide to choose prints or more affordable and widely available art, considering using it in new and different ways. Hang 100 tiny pieces of art in your living room instead of one big piece. Hang pieces sideways to create a different composition.

Find your favorite piece Do you have a piece of furniture you spotted once that you loved, but didn’t get because of some silly reason like worrying if it would fit with your modern aesthetic? Forget it…go get that piece. Grabbing a piece you love—whether it’s a vintage Eames lounge chair or a pig-shaped side table—will instantly infuse your home with personality. Worry about how it fits after you get it home.

Old family photos Unless everyone on your block is your sibling or cousin, there’s a good chance that a lovely old family photo collage in your home will be impossible for a neighbor to replicate, instantly giving your home a touch of personality and a hint of the past.

Beloved childhood toys/blankets/clothes Were you so totally into dinosaurs as a kid and totally still have all those toys? Or maybe you have a favorite blankey or two? The point is: grabbing something that meant a lot to you as a kid will be something cute, quirky and unexpected to add to your sleek modern space—and add instant personality.

Images: Desire to Inspire and Apartment Therapy
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