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All Things Go is the title of,  Berkeley based artist, Jennifer Perlmutter’s newest work.   Inspired by a Sufjan Stevens lyric, this new series is a visual journal of rebirth and transformation.  A relevant and timeless subject interpreted through Perlmutter’s abstract canvases.  Perlmutter says of her own work “I create a maelstrom of debris and chaos. The marks around the shape transform the dark emotion and make a bridge into the light and calm. Throughout, the tension between extremes remains.”

Her process is as important as the message she conveys.  In All Things Go, she brings together layers of her own journaling and with paper representing the past like: old book pages, lyric and song sheets, charcoal writing, torn gold paper, vintage posters and discarded paper items.  The artist selects each piece of collage based on the color and texture, creating a composition that best expresses that journey of transformation. Once the collage is glued down, paint is introduced.  Informed by the colors of the collage, marks and paint begin to integrate the background to tell her story.

Having followed Perlmutter’s career for a few years, I see the transformation in her work as well, All Things Go being her richest and most sophisticated yet.  Looking forward to the next transition but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorites to share.  For more images visit www.jenniferperlmutter.com Way to go Jennifer!

Have an infinitely modern day!

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