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GQ magazine recently released a list of (what they consider to be) the ten best new restaurants in America, comprising a variety of cities and styles of food. It made us wonder, would the ten new best restaurants with good food also have some of the best interior design of the year, as well? We’ll be covering them the next few weeks to ask you your opinion. First up: Lincoln.

Located in New York, Lincoln is being talked about for its “intelligent Italian” food. We have to admit: the food photos are making us drool harder than we have in awhile. But, as a modern design blog, it’s the look of the interior that has us most interested.

Lincoln Restaurant is a new addition to New York’s Lincoln Center, and it appears to be a modern mixture of glass window walls, wood plank ceilings, airy rooms and intimate settings. Though GQ claims there are lots of areas in Lincoln, both airy and intimate, we can’t help but feel like this is a bit too, open, for our tastes. What do you think?

Images: Julien Capmeil for GQ, Lincoln website
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