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It’s New Year’s Day, 2011 (yes I know—only a few days ago). I’m in the village of South Queensferry, just outside of Edinburgh. Two of my traveling companions have decided they’ll be participating in the local tradition known as the Loony Dook–a freezing cold dunk in the River Forth to ensure a year of good luck and fortune.

My other traveling companion and I politely declined participation in this local tradition in favor of simply observing and documenting it. Even though we weren’t the ones going swimming in a freezing body of water, we were still pretty cold, and ducked inside a local pub to warm up. We found ourselves in the Hawes Inn, and boy were we delighted. Not only was the huge amount of food we ordered delicious, the atmosphere was so perfect.

Hawes Inn really sort of embodies that perfect combination of feelings that we’re trying to highlight in this weekly blog post. Yes the food was wonderful and the interiors adorable, but it was together that an amazingly touching atmosphere was created–leading to a memorable time and a perfect start to the New Year. And yes, we realize the Hawes Inn isn’t “modern” style–but isn’t modern design about encompassing all sorts of styles?

Also sorry for no real good interior shots—part of the atmosphere is that it’s low light—not good news for photographs! So what are your favorite restaurants in the world that mix both good food and lovely interiors for a perfect atmosphere? Let us know in the comments!

Images: A Librarian’s Life; Flickr members hikerpark and Brian Forbes.
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