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As we’ve exhibited more than once on the 2Modern blog, show us a room full of modernly wood-paneled walls and you’ll be showing us a room that makes us go “yes! more!” Partner one of our favorite design elements with tasty food, and well, you might just have to kick us out of the space. Avec might have to put a restraining order on us soon.

This Chicago-based place to hang claims to be first and foremost a wine bar, and with an extensive menu of names we don’t even recognize, we can bet it’s a darn fine wine bar. Luckily for folks who get the nibbles when they drink, they also offer food, which judging by the food photos, appears to be darn fine food.

Of course, it’s their interior that has swooning the most, but our love actually starts while one is still outside, with a modernly geometric entryway that let’s you know what you’ll be experiencing when you walk inside: warm, modern woods that wrap you up in a big woodsy hug. Strong lines give the space a energetic, masculine feel, and a monochromatic color palette leads to a relaxing atmosphere. A lighted green back accent wall gives interest. Check out more everything on the Avec website.

Images: Doug Fogelson/DRFP, Laurie Proffitt Photography from Avec website
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