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Sure, the Featured Design Element post series is a place for us to discuss those dreamy modern design elements that make us drool into our allergen-free pillows, but one must realize that the world is tough and sometimes cruel, and occasionally you get saddled, along with the apartment you’ve always longed for, with a smudge on your dreams. Sometimes you find yourself in the possession of a large, not-quite-so-hidden radiator in your main living space (as well as other key rooms).

Many blog posts for many years have tried to come up with ways to disguise or hide this plague of modern (not so modern?) heating, but we rather like rooms that somehow integrate them without you even noticing. As if not paying any attention to the radiator makes it all but disappear, as if its very visual existence relies on whether anyone is annoyed with it or not.

Or maybe we’re (we as in I—the writer of this post) are fascinated with them because where I grew up (Southern Louisiana), there was nary a radiator to be found (rather a much more horrible item: the window air conditioner unit. You won’t catch us writing romantic love notes to those things). Weigh in: with winter roaring out there…are you thankful and grateful for your (possibly hideous) radiator or do you wish you could keep with a sleek, modern interior without the trappings of those heated metal grates?

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  1. Jerry Siegmann

    Jan 11, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Sometimes we need to cover them to protect little hands from the heat. Otherwise, I think dark colors radiate best, so if the room is dark, paint them the room color.

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