Featured Design Element: Black and White Checkered Floors

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When we first started this weekly blog post, “Featured Design Element,” we envisioned verbally making out with the most modern design elements that make all of our breaths quicken we view them, but we’ve found ourselves drawn occasionally to older, more traditional and more vintage design elements, especially those used in modern settings.

The black and white checkered floor is iconic, no doubt. They muster up memories like 1950s ice cream parlors, 1940s bungalows and other adorable vintage ideas. And while even in a modern setting they give those sorts of feelings, there’s something surprisingly classic about them that we were surprised to pick up on.

In a visual sense, they give a very graphic pop to a kitchen or bathroom floor, allowing for the rest of the furnishings to both stand out and simultaneously play second fiddle. It’s a balancing element, but also a show-stopping element. It does a lot more than just give you a place to stand, that’s for sure.

Images: Decor8, Desire to Inspire, House of Turquoise and Pretty. Little. World.
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