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Anyone who even remotely likes design or has a respect for the craft of woodworking must certainly know of the work of George Nakashima. He was a pioneer in the art of japanese american woodworking, often blending traditions in a style that was uniquely his. What people might not know is that his daughter, Mira, picked up this same craft, and while continues to perpuate her father’s legacy, also adds to it by creating her own design contributions to woodworking.

Many of her furniture pieces are under what is called The Keisho Collection, “keisho” meaning “continuance or succession.” Though at first glance Mira’s pieces are very similar looking to the styles that her father George made famous–largely untouched natural slabs of wood and thin, elegant lines, upon further examination you can really see the differences that she brings to the table. Her pieces have just a slightly more modern look to them, and proportions just ever so more delicate and feminine. As you can imagine, we’re huge fans of simple, wooden furniture pieces that have a strong American craft connection, and really respect designers who work in this vein.

Since we’re huge fans of George’s work, it seems only natural we’d be fans of Mira’s work as well, and we’re happy to report this is accurate. If you’ve never been to their website before, we highly recommend a visit: it’s inspirational just to peruse all of both of their work and their words.

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