Featured Craftsperson: Miga de Pan

Modern Decor

We love featuring talented crafters on this blog, because while they usually create crafts that are small like jewelry or accessories, when they do decide to venture into home decor, it’s so wonderful. Much like some of the items we discovered from a lovely crafter named Miga de Pan.

Miga de Pan likes: drawing, embroidering and designing buildings. Also delighting our senses with wonderful and gorgeous home decor items, like pillows, blankets and poufs for adults and kids. We’re also very much enjoying the crocheted ball garlands that would no doubt bring a lot of life, color and fun into any home.

Sure, we love sleek and stark modern items for our modern home like Monte Design’s new Joya Rocker, Unison‘s new Rope Pillows, gorgeous modern rugs like from Gandia Blasco, simple tableware like from Normann Copenhagen or a clever and functional item like Blu Dot’s new Splash Coat Rack. But sometimes we all just need a little simple and fun whimsy in our lives, like the products being produced by Miga de Pan.

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