Featured Artist: Heather Chontos

Art & Design

We first came across Heather Chontos’ work while working in a hip downtown furniture store in Austin, Texas. Her work was large-scale, abstract bold and arresting. We found ourselves absolutely pulled in by her modern paintings that often featured bold brush strokes. She’s also a very talented art director, prop stylist and illustrator, so we’re big fans of her illustrations that have lots of personality and energy, too.

It doesn’t hurt that many of her paintings also feature fabulous details that are near and dear to our heart, like chairs and other house-related imagery (that’s right, not only do we love house-related and design-related items, but we like it in our art as well). There’s just a lot of energy and passion in these paintings; we’d think they’d look fabulous in a stark modern interior with sleek modern furnishings. Though careful; we’re pretty sure these art pieces would steal the show.

Check out more of her work on her website, heatherchontos.com.

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